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Winning Client Trust

Never before have we experienced so much uncertainty and fear in financial markets and trust in financial institutions has not recovered from the 2008 financial crises.


Winning Client Trust will give industry participants, (wealth managers, IFAs, Banks, regulators and also consumers), the opportunity to understand the key issues and strategies in transforming the business to client relationship back onto trusted ground.

It will show you how to:

  • Ensure client investment behaviour is understood and client financial capabilities are substantially improved.
  • Create sustainable change management strategies to ensure the business survives the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) directives and ensure clients’ loyalty and support is maintained.
  • Develop your organisation into a culture of placing the client first and transparency.
  • Increase client trust through the organisational TESST™ principles.

After Reading Winning Client Trust you’ll know:

  • The unintended consequences of the RDR and how to manage them.
  • How important behavioural economics is to financial planning and financial capability.
  • How to manage business risk.
  • How to gain trust by applying the trust matrix.

With client to industry trust still on fragile ground, the answer to winning client trust is far from simple. This book delves deep into the RDR ramifications for both the industry and its clients and works through the major issues to answer the key questions. Chris Davies’ international and domestic experience within financial services brings disparate views and engaging analysis of the RDR and its effects on the UK financial services industry and their clients.

"Winning Client Trust explains exactly how to place the client at the heart of the financial services industry for the benefit of both businesses and customers".

Mike Harris, Chairman of Garlik and founder of three iconic brands - First Direct, Egg and Mercury One to One

“Chris is the man to watch through the significant changes ahead in financial advice & planning. He's looked forward into the future of the industry and found the path for delivering value, using cutting edge ideas and technology and getting rewarded. Those who burry their heads in the sand aren’t just avoiding looking at the threats, their missing the opportunity as well. Read Chris’s book for a whole new perspective and a clear way to make your move forward."

Daniel Priestley, Founder of Triumphant Events and best selling author of “Key Person of Influence”

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